LG 42” 3D Smart TV 42LA6230

For a totally immersive viewing experience that combines all the magic of the cinema with the comforts of your own home, the LG 42” (106cm) 3D Smart TV is a great choice.

The LG 42LA6230 comes with a range of innovative bells and whistles, such as the TruMotion 100 Hz, Cinema 3D, Skype and Time Machine II features.

With its full HD capability, you get double the picture definition quality of standard HD TVs, providing you with all of the rich details, smooth gradations and clear images as they were meant to be viewed.


Meanwhile, the narrow bezel on the LG 42LA6230 means the TV’s slim frame allows for reduced visual obstructions and better TV viewing.

The LED/LCD technology in the LG 42LA6230 uses LED backlighting to create brighter and richer colours than standard LCD TVs, adding even more to your home viewing experience.

The LG IPS panels on this model help to boost image quality and reproduction, providing lifelike picture quality with minimal variation even from wide viewing angles.

The LG 42LA6230 is also Magic Remote compatible, so you can use the remote to scroll up or down, zoom in and out and through different channels with the easy to use scroll wheel, and the ‘draw’ function means you can draw to change channels and access menus rather than fiddling with buttons.

The Cinema 3D technology in the LG 42LA6230 gives you bright 3D pictures along with glasses just like those used in the cinema, for a magical viewing experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own couch.

This innovative feature also allows you to convert any regular 2D visual content (including regular TV, Blu-ray and photos) into 3D at your own convenience, so everything you watch can get the 3D treatment.

You won’t have to worry about expensive 3D accessories with this model either, as the LG 42LA6230 utilises lightweight battery-free 3D glasses that are affordable – so don’t worry if a pair goes missing or gets broken!

With the LG 42LA6230, you’ll also get access to a wide selection of online Smart TV entertainment content as well as a variety of games so you can enjoy new and exciting video games on your TV.

With the Time Machine II function, you’ll never have to miss out on live events again as this lets you record live TV to your LG Smart TV for a more convenient viewing experience.

With built in Wi-Fi, a powerful Dual Core CPU and stunning screen quality, you’ll love the LG 42LA6230.

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