Why buy a Samsung Smart TV?

Watch what you want, when you want, with the Samsung Smart TV. The Samsung Smart TV integrates your traditional television viewing with all the benefits of internet access all in one clever product.

With a Samsung Smart TV you’re not limited to just broadcast TV, it allows you to access all your favourite entertainment from one place, with apps to cater for every need, from movies on demand, to Skype and social networking, sports, news and education and much more.

Share with Your Friends

Your new Samsung Smart TV is so clever; it allows you to share photos, music and video files to your TV so you can watch what you want on your TV screen when you want.

Samsung Smart TV

Connect to Broadband Network

There’s no better way to relax than with your new Samsung Smart TV. Using your home broadband network you can stream content directly onto your screen. You can choose to watch movies, football, YouTube or even surf the internet all on the big screen. And when you have finished doing that you can even chat to friends on Skype. The Samsung Smart TV makes it easy for you with the all in one flat screen TV.

Voice Control

Your Samsung Smart TV allows you to turn on the TV through voice control and to increase the volume using motion control without even needing to look for the remote control. How smart is that?

Slim Design & Picture Quality

From the moment you lay your eyes on your Samsung Smart TV you’ll be amazed with its innovative ultra slim design and the picture quality is brilliant. The latest technology delivers a fast and sharp image, so you can enjoy your favourite football game just like you were there.

The Samsung Smart TV is brains and beauty all in one!

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