Netgear Home Security Cameras will be your knight in shining armour

Your home is your castle, so let the Netgear ARLO Smart Home Security Cameras stand guard and bravely protect your palace and precious possessions.

Your home is your castle, and here at The Good Guys, we know and respect that keeping your palace safe is a priority. Well, here is where the Netgear ARLO Smart Home Security Cameras can guard your house like a knight in shining armour, keeping your loved ones and precious possessions safe and secure.

Household burglary is a serious problem in Australia, with 335,700 break-ins recorded over 2009-2010, according to the Australian Institute of Criminology. Sadly, money and jewellery were among the most common items stolen, and in some cases even firearms were taken which poses a far greater threat.

In these instances, it can help give you and your family some peace of mind by sending your camera security system knights to stand guard by your home.

A knight with a shield

Motion-activated sensors keep a vigilant eye on your entrances, front yard, back yard as well as interior rooms for indoor and outdoor protection. Keeping the defences sleek and hazard-free, these cameras are a 100 per cent wireless.

Like a good soldier, they initiate automatic recording and send you updates direct to your email address or on an easy-to-access app so you can keep up to date on the go using your smartphone or tablet. This app is free, and notifications are simple to navigate, providing a user-friendly experience. Equally simple is the set-up: just use the magnetic mount to connect the base to your Wi-Fi router, sync up the camera and your knight is in formation.

A knight with a sword

This knight’s weapon is an HD camera with impressive 720p video quality, streamed live to your app for constant vigilance. It is ready to combat with night vision capabilities, complete with 850nm LED lights that can see as far away as 25 feet in pitch darkness. In daylight, this range extends to a huge 300 feet, giving your knight a quality line of sight.

Equipped with strength and strategy like the best knights, these cameras are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, as well as weatherproof – so come hail or shine they will keep you safe.

For the ultimate protection, you can upgrade to the 2 HD camera (model number VMS3230-100AUS) or stick with the 1 HD camera (model number VMS3130-100AUS). You can use these cameras to keep a close eye on little ones in different rooms from the comfort of your couch with a laptop, monitor your pets or keep tabs on your business if installed at work. With free cloud storage offered, these videos can be saved for later viewing or used as evidence to help press charges.

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