Cook mouth-watering meals with the Smeg SmartSense range

If you’re a fan of unleashing your inner chef and putting your culinary skills to good use, you will adore the Smeg SmartSense range of cooktops.

If you love to invite friends and family over for a dinner party, unleashing your inner chef and putting your culinary skills to good use, then you will adore the Smeg SmartSense range of cooktops.

Both the Smeg 90cm Induction Cooktop (model number SAI95) and slightly smaller Smeg 70cm Induction Cooktop (model number SAI74) come with a variety of practical yet stylish features to whip up some hearty, warming meals and tasty treats.

Setting the scene for your dining delights

Imagine this: You have bookmarked a page in your favourite chef’s cookbook, made a grocery list of all the ingredients you need, taken a trip to the supermarket and perhaps even stopped by a local farmer’s market for some of your lush green produce.

You unload your grocery bags and dance a happy shimmy when you see all the colourful ingredients on the kitchen counter, excited to make them shine on the plate. Your eyes gaze over to your sleek, black ceramic Smeg Induction Cooktop, your fingers itching to use its ergonomic slide control feature to make cooking even more easy and enjoyable.

The smaller cooktop allows for four cooking zones, while the bigger provides five, both giving you ample space to heat up a sauce in one pan or brown up some meat in another. Better yet, there are up to nine heat settings per zone and two boost settings, so when time is of the essence you can charge your cooking with some extra power and finish sooner so you can dress up for dinner.

Speaking of time, these clever cooktops have built-in timers so you can set simultaneous or separate timings for your food. Crazy, busy, rushed mornings? Never fear, the independent egg timer will help you start each day on the right side of bed with perfectly cooked eggs on the daily.

Mmm, the mouth-watering smells are starting to waft through your home as the even heat of this cooktop starts to work its magic on your ingredients.

Home, safe home

Best of all, you don’t have to worry that any little ones will get burned or injured as they race around the kitchen, because these come with a child safety lock. You can breath a sigh of relief knowing you are offering a safe environment for your own children or visiting guests, especially since 55 per cent of injuries for kids aged between 0-4 happen in the home, according to Kids Safe Australia.

If you’d also like these beauties installed safely and securely, take full advantage of The Good Guys installation service, which will also disconnect your old one.

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