Nourish and nurture your body with the NutriBullet range

The NutriBullet range can truly come to the rescue and transform regular food into Superfood. Take a seat, Superman, there’s a new superhero on the block!

Making sure our bodies get the very best nutrients from the foods we eat is important. Often we may think we are ticking all the boxes, choosing that green salad instead of a fatty meal or eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Breakfast might turn into a scrumptious banana smoothie or a freshly juiced concoction of oranges, apples and pears.

But what is the point of making these healthy choices if your body doesn’t get the complete value from them?

This is where the NutriBullet range can truly come to the rescue and transform regular food into Super food. Take a seat, Superman, there’s a new superhero on the block!

Why should I choose the NutriBullet blenders?

Unlike regular blenders, NutriBullet appliances have an advanced design and come with a 200 W, 600 W or 900 W High Torque Power Base. The Magic Bullet is the original model, and this machine is truly magical in the way the cross blade swishes and the flat blade sways, making most meals in as little as 10 seconds.

Best of all, this innovative technology goes the extra mile to extract and break down ingredients in their most nutritious and absorptive state. Regular blenders just don’t get to wear this superhero cape, as they often tend to leave behind the healthiest fruit skins, fibres and proteins.

How can it improve my health?

In Australia, the most recent Health Survey from the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that half of all men did not meet their calcium requirements from their food intake and one in four women were iron deficient.

These results emphasise the importance of getting the absolute most benefits from the foods we eat. The NutriBullet range can offer better health and wellness perks for the body, ensuring that each and every precious nutrient in our food can be consumed by the body with no wastage. The blades open seeds, crack stems and shred skins to blend the hidden, internal nutrients into your meal.

You name it, it blends it.

Want to throw a Mexican dinner party? Whip up some salsa! If you’re more into Italian cuisine, creamy pasta sauces are a whirr away. Bring all the boys to the yard with frosty milkshakes, or treat yourself to some berry-licious smoothies.

The NutriBullet range will not only serve up a variety of delectable meals, but also ensure your exercise routine and hard work at the gym is paying off with the most nutrients flowing through the body. Accessories such as party mugs with comfortable lip rings and take-away cups mean that just like Superman, you can fly like the wind on the go with nutrients just a sip away!

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With an extremely powerful 1700 W motor the NutriBullet RX has a clever heating cycle so you can make soups and sauces. Learn more about the NutriBullet RX online now at The Good Guys.

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  1. Annette Whitehurst,

    Does this product juice Carrots?

    • The Good Guys
      The Good Guys,

      Hi Annette, we can confirm that it does juice carrots. Thanks.


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