Breville BSG520

Breville BSG520: A toastie maker with a difference

Having a reliable toastie maker in the kitchen is something you’re likely to use time and time again, which is why you’ll need to invest in a quality product.

The Breville BSG520 is ideal for a variety of functions and could be the perfect addition to your list of appliances.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to make a traditional toastie or an open melt – the Breville BSG520 ticks all the right boxes. This means you can make whatever toasted treat you want, making this one of the most flexible appliances on the market.

There are plenty of features that make the Breville BSG520 different to other products on the market. One of them is the floating hinge, which is capable of remaining flat on the bread while it’s being toasted.

This is possible no matter how thick or thin the bread might be – and it’s able to create evenly crispy results. No more soggy middles and overdone edges, as this Breville toasted sandwich maker will remove all elements of uncertainty.

Breville has also made sure that you never have to cope with squashed sandwiches again. All you have to do is adjust the top plate to one of the four fixed height settings and let the BSG520 do all the hard work.

The bottom plate makes contact to cook the break, while the top plate will hover slightly above it to melt whatever willing you’ve included.

The large handle on the outside gives you the chance to open up the toastie maker without running the risk of burning yourself. Keep your hands safely out of the way and get on with enjoying your toasted sandwich or melt.

What’s more, the Breville BSG520 can make two large toasted sandwiches simultaneously so you can serve up at the same time without having to wait for the second to cook.

You can also use this Breville appliance for various other purposes. Switch it on to reheat slices of pizza, meaning you no longer have to use guesswork in the microwave to decide how long to warm it up for.

If you often find yourself making toasties for you and your family then you can’t go far wrong with the Breville BSG520. It’s functional and fast, so you can satisfy those cravings without a moment’s delay.

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