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Breville Kinetix Control 1.6L Blender BBL605

Are you tired of those pesky lumps in your smoothie or cocktail? With the Breville BBL605 Kinetix Control Blender, you’ll never have to worry about uneven mixtures making their way into your beverages.

The Kinetix Control Blender features innovative central blades to crush and chop your ingredients to perfection, while the blades and bowl work in harmony to ensure every last bit of your mixture is blended the way you want it.

Kinetix blades are curved for greater manoeuvrability. A conventional blade pulls ingredients in the bowl downwards, but the Kinetix blade is Breville Kinetic Blender BBL605extra long and scrapes the sides of the bowl to ensure no remnants are left behind.

At the bottom of the jug, ice-crushing blades are contoured specifically to the shape of the base to ensure that no food is trapped, while special dual ribs located throughout the jug pass all the ingredients down to the blades below for superior blending.

All of the blades in the Breville Kinetix have been made with surgical-grade stainless steel for optimal performance, ensuring they stay sharper for longer. The central blades in the machine have serrated edges to take care of any tougher ingredients.

The base of the Breville BBL605 is made out of molten metal, die-cast into shape to ensure a stronger, durable and reliable performance from your blender.

In addition to this, the rest of the blender is made with Eastman Tritan copolyester, a BPA-free material that’s heat-, shatter- and impact-resistant. These durable qualities also ensure that it is dishwasher safe, so you can rest assured that your Breville BBL605 will last as long as you need it.

As well as being durable and tough, the Breville BBL605 is also designed for easy and convenient use. It comes with two pre-programmed options (‘ice crush’ and ‘smoothie’) which automatically set the speed for optimal blending results. Then, when you’re all done, it will switch itself off.

There are other useful design features as well. Illuminated buttons ensure that you can read the functions easily while the LCD display gives you information about speed settings and other aspects.

The Breville BBL605 also contains an inner measuring lid so you can easily add ingredients in while you blend, perfect for those who like to make changes on the go or whose recipes call for extra additions throughout the process.

With the electronic five-speed control plus pulse function, your Breville Kinetix Control blender ensure that the RPM speed is held constant for more consistent results – giving you creamier smoothies and other beverages.

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